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Skits are Interesting and fun way to absorb concepts and understand them. Explore my collection of Technical skits...

Posters bring about team skills and creative way to explore knowledge. Check out posters presented by learners...

Buzzing with Quizzes to imbibe learning. Learners can register for Quizzes which will be announced during the semester.

Developing models help learners to understand how systems work in real-time. Explore working models developed by learners..

Fun activity to understand how basic spectrometer works.

Modification of the children's game "STATUE"

Role-plays are methods to take up the role of physical components and mimic their behavior. Explore role-plays made by Learners

Creating Simple Acronyms to remember Tough Concepts. Explore some of the Acronyms created by Learners

Lot of Fun and interaction happened within students when we conducted Entrepreneurial based Activities. Learners can explore...

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