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About Me

The following are the feedback shared about me, by my students in an anonymous messaging app...

You are an optimist person I have met ... keep up your good smile always ... vazhga valamudan

Sir first I would like to congratulate you for getting ph.d. we all students are waiting for your period to come . I like the way you teach the students. But sir you can be still more strict.

U are very good teacher, friendly ah ve maintain panalam u will be more popular, but sudden ah strict ah face katumbodelam sirupu varum kadupum varum, From one of your old students and a thivira Sundar Sir Fan.

Sir u r the coolest teacher i ever encountered........ please stay as u are.....

Am proud for being my Ncc coordinator.. teaching la no comments.. becuz am bad in listening.... especially lectures 😝 negative already sonnathu dhan.. konja kova padalam thappu Ila.. too much of patience is also Danger..

I was someone who was there in the campus during the years when you moved from XXL to super Fit.. somewhere through this you have proved if we really want something we can achieve it.. Only regret you being the most youngest lecturer in the department was always a bit away from students.. We where expecting you Will be our go to person, the friendly sir we all want.. somewhere there was an aura that you are not approachable.. but we all felt it was a mask and you are this super cool person inside.. I wish it was like that with students.. would have been very easy for guidance in many areas..

Hi sir. I'm ur student from RGCET. I've crossed many staffs in my life. But u are the best. Highly talented. RGCET students missing a staff like u.

Sir, you are a great professor as far as teaching is concerned there is no issue sir ,simply superb bt in certain things you are partial sir i have not felt by marks but the way you treat the students you underestimate many so that they are getting hurted sir

3rd year padikumbodu Raised My voice in your class. Aduku neenga Internal la Pali vanguvinga nu ninaichan ana pannama Lab la S grade potinga iniku ninaicha kuda guilty ah irruku sir. :) ஒறுத்தார்க்கு ஒருநாளை இன்பம் பொறுத்தார்க்குப் பொன்றுந் துணையும் புகழ். _/\_ Learned from You Sir

A great mentor, best teacher, tremendous motivator, egoless person, on the whole a good human, keep going sir

The only teacher in my entire academic career who spoke about life, yoga n meditation. You also thought me engineering no doubts but I don't practice or use tat engineering anymore in my professional lyf. But the yoga n meditation practice I do follow. Thank you sir for instilling the seed. Vaagha valamudan

Sir ungala first paakumbodhu terror face ah irunthuchi appuram Neenga appadilam kidaiyathu sir appuram yoga advice nu Vera level ah iruntheenga vazhga valamudan kindly send this post

Thalaiva 😍😍..... Unga costume designer yaaru.... Unga shirt Kum pant kum matching ah oru shoes pottutu varuvinga paaru.... Woooww ah irukum 😎😎😎

Sir ungala first pathathu enoda EM first year xam la appo nan ungala annanu kuptan nan college poriki Mari suthuvan ennai ellarum rowdy nu solluvanga but rowdy la ila thappu na adipom athan EIE gethu ennayum mathichi enaku support panni posting vangi thanthinga then sorry kekanum unga kitta thimira pesunaa athuku thaa any way sorry sir romba nallavaru then en chellakutty ramesh babu pathukonga En thalaiva babu king of EIE vazhga valamudan

You are a good faculty, good human being n everything is fine.... But epdi professional'a irukanum nu Sundar sir kita konjam kathukonga... Infact every person has something to learn from Sundar sir _/\_

In your class ,For last 5 minutes students has to talk something ... So you can call persons randomly .. Not by targeting Roll No :1 each semester.. that follows next. .Dont follow roll no wise .. kind advice ..

Sir you never knew how much your idea of introducing novel methods have changed students lives. Even though I don't like to do those funny scripts, acting. You told us to do a Mini project in third year. One of my friend is a researcher in the same project we did. We never know the seeds you sow. Now they are trees. A good tree. Our department is not suitable for your growth as well as department growth as they congest with traditional narrow mindedness. A much better place is waiting for you!

I Never regretted anything in college except that I didn't choose to do my final year project under you.... I over estimated the proff who I did my project. He never listened to us, never taught us. When I see you arrange meetings to teach your project students I was in awe. It would have changed my life for the best. Still I am doing good. You have an open mind and an open heart, very rare to have as a proff, when most of the students are crap. You are not speaking about the research works you do in class. I think you should say that you did and what you are doing and what you are planning to do in class. I was unaware, probably ignorant of your works until it was late. Please

sir, u are a wonderful person(professir) I have seen in my college life.., we need a teacher like u to share our thoughts, suggestions.. bt unfortunately we cant get tat too in our department no way.. Thanks..  keep it up sir.

Hi sir, you wer the coolest professor I ve ever had ,u have ur own way of teaching nd it is wonderful. I ve been in your class for one elective subject,i was not a good student but you wer the best! I come home and tell mom about all the stories u used to say and I love that u r a staunch devotee of lord Shiva! The YouTube video "the secret" , I watched it in my public holidays and I have been trying to live upto that ever since. I ve told many of my friends to watch it but no one did... so I was really happy wen u mentioned it in class... vazhga valamudan!

sir ungala tha engaluku romba pudikum apatha nanga jolly ah minimiltiya velayada mudiyum By eie Spartans

Sir we know about you very well, you are such a good person. Personally I learnt few things from you. Thanks a lot for all your support. By 2015 (Passed Out )

Comparatively Ur teaching is better nd depth.. but sometimes taking it depth creates messy... It vil b better if u teach things depth with clarity

Cheers to the most adorable staff I have ever met. You were such a wonderful person who guided me throughout my UG days. More than being just a teacher you were such a close friend. You made sure that we were comfortable and broke all the teacher student bond and you became one among us. You are one of the finest and purest souls I have ever met sir. Happy teachers' day to you my friend.

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