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Plant goodness wherever you go...

Updated: May 18, 2019


In England in 1920 there was a graduation ceremony for a batch of new doctors. It was attended by the British Prime Minister of that time. During the ceremony, the head doctor who was in charge of that batch, gave the necessary advice to these new graduates.

He told them the following incident which happened with him sometimes back:

"It was after midnight, and I heard a knock on my door. It was an old lady, and she said to me: 'O my doctor, my child is sick and in a very serious condition, so please do something to save him. I rushed out to follow her to her house without worrying what will happen. Because it was a stormy night, and very cold. The rain was pouring down very heavily. I did not fear for my life. Her house was on the outskirts of London, and after a difficult journey, we reached her house. She lived in a small room with her son. 

When I entered the room, I saw her son at the corner of this room groaning and deeply in pain. After I did my duty towards the sick child, the mother gave me a small bag with money. I refused to take this bag and I told her gently that I can't accept that payment, because I felt sorry for their situation. 

Then I promised her that I will take care of her child until he gets better." The head doctor continued in his speech by saying: "This is the true profession of medicine, and being a doctor is the closest profession to mercy and one of the closest to God" 

As soon as the head doctor finished his speech, the Prime Minister jumped out of his seat and headed to the podium. "Permit me Sir, to kiss your hand. For twenty years now and I am looking for you. I am the child you mentioned in your story just now. Oh, my mother will be happy now and she will rest in peace. Her only wish was for me to find you and to reward you, for that goodness you did for us at the time we were living in poverty."

That poor child who became the Prime Minister of England was:

*"Lloyd George"*

Plant goodness wherever you go, even if it is not on your place. Because it will never get lost wherever you will plant it. It is even more nice if your goodness lasts longer.

Because no one shall harvest that goodness except the one who has planted it.

Doing goodness to others will always purify your heart, and it will fight any kind of evil which comes your way. The owner of goodness does not fall, if he falls he will fall on a pillow to comfort and support him.

May God Make us  among the people who always do good to others.

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